■Yuuki Yamaguchi

Born 2000 Nara, Japan. Based in the Kansai area as a DJ/Producer/Organizer.


By Self-interpretation of natural to electronic sounds, leads me to my original sounds.My basics are from electronic music and very much influenced to my music.
2018, from an internet label,”ceramicrecords” I released my first album.




Yuuki Yamaguchi’s solo project[Yackle]


Born 2000 Nara, Japan
DJ / Producer / Organizer.
When I was 10 years old, started to listen to Techo and electronic music. Started as a DJ from 2013. Then got into Trap, JerseyClub, BassMusic, as a DJ, playing all kinds, mixing them up. Building up my experience by attending many events not only Tokyo or Osaka, but all over Japan. As Yackle and with my unit MentalMilk with Zera.
From 2015 summer, started to compose my music. Around winter time, having a high reputation from FOGPAK, I have joined their events.22, April, 2016, my first album, “Stalactite Cave” was released. The support was not only from Japan, but from the US, Korea and nations.Then releasing all kinds of remixs.Then from summer of 2016, started to become the organize of parties as, “Gouho””MusicCreation”. all over Japan.
Besides these activities, talking on radio, writing books or on web media.


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