Yuuki Yamaguchi

Yuuki Yamaguchi born in 2000 Nara Pref.
Yoyo performer./contester.


Started yo-yo when ran across hyperyo-yo at the age of 10. Was fascinated by competition yo-yo around 2011 and participated in various tournaments as an individual and as a team. Reached the top 16 in 2A of the World Championship. In the early summer of 2017, the original model of yo-yo, with self-produced music, was sold with collaboration with yo-yo brand. In the summer 2017, won the 3rd prize in “sOMEThING We Asians Got” (the Asian Games) and became a sponsored member of “sOMEThING by YoYo Addict”, one of the very popular Japanese yo-yo brand in Asia.



HP : http://yuukiyamaguchi.com